Will Drafting Services

If you haven’t already made a Will then you should read this. Because without a Will you will die intestate which means…

  • THE GOVERNMENT – decides who gets your money and your property.
  • MARRIED COUPLES AND CIVIL PARTNERS – the law sets financial limits as to how much your spouse or civil partner can receive. As such, even though you may want ‘everything’ to pass to your spouse/civil partner, there is no provision to guarantee this will happen.
  • COUPLES LIVING TOGETHER – the law currently makes no provision for unmarried partners to inherit anything from each other and so the surviving partner could receive nothing at all.
  • PARENTS – without a Will the authorities will be involved in deciding who will care for and raise your children.
  • SEPARATED COUPLES – your spouse may still inherit part of your property and may have continuing rights to the rest.
  • INHERITANCE TAX – the rules of intestacy make no provision for mitigating Inheritance Tax.
  • ADDITIONAL EXPENSE – without a Will, it usually means it takes longer to administer the estate and could make the process more complicated.

Is this really what you want to happen?

However, whilst a standard Will lets your family know your final wishes it will by no means fully protect your estate.

Without a “Property Trust” and if you leave your share of the property directly to your spouse or partner then there is no guarantee that the ultimate beneficiaries of the property will be the same people you would have chosen. You may also leave your share of the property exposed to third party claims after your death, such as paying for your partner or spouse’s nursing home care fees.

  • Without a “Children’s Trust”, you will not guarantee your children’s inheritance particularly if your spouse or partner were to remarry or cohabit following your death if you were to leave it directly to your spouse or partner.
  • Without an “Inheritance Tax Trust” you could be paying the taxman far more than you have to.
  • Without a “Right to Occupy Trust”, your children, their grandchildren or aged parents may not have the right to occupy your home.
  • Without a “Lasting Power of Attorney”, who will manage your affairs, pay your bills, do the banking and so on if you were to lose mental capacity? The only way you can choose who can legally act on your behalf is to appoint someone you trust in a Lasting Power of Attorney.
  • Without a “Living Will” or “Advance Decision”, if you suffer a serious illness or accident and you are unable to speak for yourself who is going to make known your wishes?

Remember this document will be used one day. Through our Aftercare service, you only need to go through the full process of making a Will once. Taking advantage of our Secure Storage and Aftercare facility gives you the peace of mind that your documents are safe and should you wish to update them at any time, due to ever changing family circumstances, we will do this for you without further charge.